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Sofya Chekster was born in Taganrog, a small city in the southern part of Russia. Instead of saying her first words she started to sing. There was not a single doubt that she should devote her life to music.  


At the age of 5 she started learning classical piano in a music school. Among all the activities most of all she was interested in choir and jazz compositions which she played. That’s why after she had graduated from the music school she started her studies at college of arts as a jazz singer at the age of 16.


During her studies she performed with different bands. Rock ’n roll band “Smokin’ guns” and “Los piranios”, vocal ensemble “Mechty”, “Classic and rock project”, duo with a guitar player etc.


Upon finishing her college studies she continued her jazz education in the Rostov State Rakhmaninov Conservatory. During that time Sofya were able to open something new for her – singing with a big band. She sang in different ones: Taganrog college big band, Universal band, Kim Nazaretov big band. Also she started teaching: in a jazz school, in a music college, and was teaching jazz singing and improvisation. 


After finishing conservatory she worked in a jazz school and a theatre as a vocal teacher and also was performing with different bands. This year was special for her: that was the year when she for the 

 first time opened the international scene for herself had performed with East-West Jazz Orchestra in Domicil, Dortmund. And then she realised that she wants to continue her education in Germany. 


Since 2018 Sofya studies in HfMT Hamburg and her teacher is JD Walter. Upon her relocation she suddenly unlocked her potential to write songs.

She has written and recorded her first album “Dreams Come True” which was released in December 2019. It could be found on all the major internet platforms and also on this site. 

First album


Hamburg, Germany

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