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Sofya Chekster is a jazz singer and song writer from Hamburg.

She started her path in Russia from where she originates. She got her bachelor degree in Rostov State Rachmaninov Conservatory.


And then she continued her education in Hamburg (HfMT Hamburg) in Doctor Langner Jazzmaster program.


She is a student from JD Walter (jazz singer and songwriter from New York)

She finished her studies in the summer of 2020 performing a program of the songs of different nationalities with new arrangements at HfMT.

The 2020 was also noteworthy for her because in winter her first album was released. It's available on CDs only.

Sofya has always had a passion for writing her own music. And so in 2021 she released the new EP Album "The Land across the Sea". You can listen to it on any major platform.

The release took place in the summer of  2021 at Hamburg Stream. The full concert is available online.

Sofya got to know jazz when she was 16 and immediately fell in love with it. 

Although her musical journey started long before. She was studying classical piano before she learned about jazz. And even in the very childhood when she was only 3 years old she sang songs from cartoons. Her life has always been deeply connected to music.

Sofya's music is really kind and warm and each of her listeners confirms that. With her music Sofya shares her deep emotions and so the music is woven from authenticity and sincereness. 


As well as her music Sofya is light and naive in a good sense. Like the children are. She speaks a lot about love. About hope and support. And reliving that melodic journey together with her puts the listeners into a really warm atmosphere and envelops them with love.

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In the end of 2021 Sofya participated in the Jazz City Hamburg CD project (with the support of Jazz Büro) where she was one of the musicians selected to record a song for a jazz album.

Right now Sofya is working on the next album.

The release is expected in 2023.